Greetings of Solidarity and a wish for Victorious Struggle in the Education community!

We gather as a symbol of celebration for the promises of this year and the creative potentials of the Education community, which is an indispensable contribution to our endeavors for Nation-building. The Christians just celebrated the New Year while the Chinese will celebrate the prospect of prosperity in the Year of the Dragon next week.  Notwithstanding our struggle from poverty, deprivation and marginalization, brought about by an economic crunch orchestrated by the dominant cultures, our gathering today obviously is a sign of hope indicating that we can transcend every development deterrent with organized action, concerted effort and enlightened decisions.

This International Conference on K to 12 is another triumph in our advocacy for the glorification of the liberating dynamics of the rich cultural heritage of peoples and communities, which is the foundation of the K to 12 proposal that will be implemented this coming school year. It is noteworthy to mention, that all other nations, except for Angola and Philippines, are implementing the K to 12 education framework.

It is, indeed, wonderful and amazing that we come to reflect and share at the start of a new year, as a celebrative way to welcome the optimism and the good news that education is a tool for empowerment and liberation. And nothing is more noble and significant without emphasizing that liberating education is “the process and strategy” to a strong nation and a competent human resource in developing our country.

It is our fervent wish and clamor, then that this International Conference, would become a model and the opening of more sharing and cooperation among liberating educators and change professionals for the total development of the human potential.

We salute those who dared to come despite their hectic schedules. We are deeply grateful to the Province of Pangasinan  and the Department of Education-Pangasinan who are hosting this conference, the Pangasinan  State University and the University of the Philippines and their partners and sponsors. They are the living witnesses to the adage that “with more knowledge and wisdom, there is more responsibility “to share and support others towards their development and liberation.

Again, thank you and we always remain one with you in your endeavors for excellence…

In Solidarity,

Oscar P. Ferrer, Ph.D.
GFF President

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