GFF 2012 International Conference-Workshop
 “Addressing the K to 12 Curricular Enhancement in the Philippine Education 2012”
19-21 January 2012, Sison Auditorium, Lingayen, Pangasinan



The Sustainability and Comprehensive Program
of the K to 12 Enhanced Education Program

Whereas, the First International Conference on K to 12 has been launched to update and level off the educators and other stakeholders in the development of the Filipino youth on 19-21 January 2012.

Whereas, the plenary assembly recognizes the relative insufficiency of comprehensive programs, administrative and budgetary requirements, quality education standards and the readiness of K to 12 learning facility and human resource.

Whereas, the State Policy is pending in Congress, while the implementation is primed and forthcoming.

Whereas, there is need for high-visibility information and popularization of the K 12 enhanced program.

Whereas, there is urgent clarification and unified understanding among all stakeholders of the program.

Whereas, the implementing guideline for all private and public higher education institutions is a must.

Whereas, the two thousand attending participants endorse the principles and proposed program of the K to 12 as an enhancement education program towards Nation building.

Whereas, the teachers and other stakeholders in the education community are the KEY to a relevant and meaningful development of the Filipinos towards effective global citizenship and leadership.

Whereas, the government through the DepEd, CHED and TESDA, is responsible for the education of all of its citizens, and thus there is necessity for the issuance of a clear executive memorandum from the DepEd on the many facets, stages and implementation details of the K to 12 enhanced program .

Let it be resolved therefore, that the Department of Education formulate a clear policy detailing the clear stages in the transition period and set the sustainability mechanism for its full implementation.

Resolved further that the curriculum for said enhanced program be context based and appropriate to the local needs and culture.

That teacher training and development, free of charge, be a major requisite in its full implementation.

That the licensure requirement for Kindergarten and 11-12 teachers be waived in the initial years.

That both private and public schools be encouraged to propose transitory and sustainable programs.

That the grades 11-12 be free and subsidized by the government wherever it is offered.

Finally, be it resolved that the K to 12 curriculum be responsive and gender-friendly.

Signed by all the participants of the First International Conference on K to 12, Sison Auditorium, Provincial Capitol Compound, Lingayen, Pangasinan. 21 January 2012


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