Keynote Speaker
Continuing Professional Development for Teachers and Admininstrators by Max Walsh, Ph.D.

Plenary Speakers
Exploring Endless Possibilities in Linkaging Secondary Schools to Industry and Stakeholders Though the K to 12 Program by Victorio N. Medrano, Ed.D.

Teacher Education: Restructuring Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Training for Learner-Focused Instruction towards Global and ASEAN Integration Practices, Perspectives and Prospective by Dr. Peter Grimes, Ph.D.

School Programs and Project: Relevant, Appropriate and Developmental for Community Mobilization by Lorna Dig-Dino, Ph.D.

Implementing Twenty First Education in the Light of Grades 11 and 12 by Rosalina J. Villaneza, Ph.D.

Beyond Student Centered Education: Socially Response-able Education by Bill Atweh, Ph.D.

Con-Current Sessions
Factors Affecting Filipino 9 Students’ Non-participation in Oral Activities by Alice Maglinte

DIAL 6284: Digos’ Innovative Approacher in Learning Math by Rizza Loyola-Villaluna

An Assessment on the Effectiveness of the Inquiry Approach in Teaching K to 12 Grade 7 Science Module- Unit I by Catherine T. Fusilero

Outcome of Inclusion in the Development of Social and Adaptation Skills of Children with Special Needs by Joseph Andrew Lao Sabido, Med, EC

Enhancing the Relevance and Responsiveness of K to 12 Classes Through Information and Communication Technology Integration by Cherrylou De Mesa and Buddy Chester Repia

Teaching Demonstration
Essential Features of Inquiry by Arlene De la Cruz