The GFF aims to come up with resolutions as concrete actions arising from its formation activities. It is hoped that through these resolutions, education in the Philippines would be improved for the benefit of all stakeholders.

GFF 2013 International Conference-Workshop on Inclusive Education in the Philippines: Where Are We Now?

“Education for All”

Whereas, the International Conference-Workshop on Inclusive Education held on Feb. 21-23, 2013 at the Batangas Convention Center, Batangas City, was spearheaded by The Guro Formation Forum, Batangas DepEd Regional Office, and the Batangas Provincial Government.

Whereas, a thousand and five hundred educators, scholars, school administrators, local government officials, education policy advocates and crusaders were receptive to inclusive development, inspired and animated by professional experts from the United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, United States of America, Greece, Singapore, South Korea, and the Philippines, fused and harmonized by the honorable UNESCO Bangkok Director Gwang-Jo Kim.

Whereas, Inclusive Education is our responsibility to all rights claimants as a response to the global call of “Education for All”, and a commitment to all International Conventions and Protocols in the development of the human race, and especially in our country’s nation building.

Therefore be it a result, as it is thereby resolved that we are united in the advancement, promotion and development of an educational system and program for human rights against discrimination and marginalization, devoid of stereotypes to empower all, enhanced and sustained by our national leaders through a state policy, with enactment of Republic Act, fully and actively implemented by the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, and all nurturing and caring social institutions, fully supported by all of us that have participated in this International Conference, with the resolution to convince, educate and influence everyone to commit to the mission of “education for all”.

Signed by all participants and the UNESCO Bangkok Director for Asia and the Pacific

Other Resolutions

Recommending the Sustainability and Comprehensive Program of the K-12 Enhanced Education Program


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